Duct Repairs, Duct Renovations & Duct Design

Many air conditioning problems, especially those related to a lack of energy efficiency, are related to the ductwork of the HVAC system. At Raven Mechanical our technicians specialize in duct repair, renovations and duct design.

We recommend having at least one check up for your ductwork annually. This way, you’ll know you’re running the most efficient system possible. Leaking ducts can mean you’re wasting up to one-third of the energy you’re trying to use for cooling. We inspect for damage, deterioration and proper ducting size to specific rooms. Sometimes we find that the sizing is wrong and restricting air-flow.

You may want to consider renovating your ducts if you’re experiencing any energy cost problems, or if you’re installing a new air conditioning system. Older ducts weren’t installed with energy efficiency in mind. If you have ducts that are more than ten to twenty years old, you’re probably experiencing at least some energy loss. If you’re noticing major problems with your cooling unit, duct renovation may be the answer.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of the importance that a well-designed, properly functioning air return system has in assuring correct air circulation. Air return vents are necessary to prevent a buildup of pressure in the structure that may lead to various health problems, as well as preventing mold and mildew, and deterioration of the structure due to moisture buildup.

Another reason to consider a duct renovation is modern sizing practices. Ducts are now installed with careful calculations regarding size. This way your ducts distribute cool air much more efficiently. The size, location, and length of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) registers and ductwork are determined by measurement of air movement at cubic feet per minute (CFM). Whatever the CFM output of the heating or cooling system, the air return vents must be able to provide the same CFM ratio. With sizes based on the square footage of your home, you’ll notice the difference in the way that they cool and how much money you save on energy.

Whether you have an older system of air ducts that need repair, or you are looking to upgrade your cooling system and require duct replacement and design, you can rely on our team of air conditioning specialists to get the job done efficiently and professionally. Call us to have an inspection of your ducts, and we can discuss your options.

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