“Do air conditioners need to be serviced?” is a question many home and business owners ask. The straightforward answer is a resounding yes. However, it’s best not to wait until you notice something’s wrong with your unit to give it the well-deserved attention it needs. Routine air condition (AC) servicing is essential to maintain your AC unit’s efficiency and longevity.

Whether in residential or commercial, AC servicing should be a practice for upkeep and to avoid possible serious concerns. In this blog, we’ll look at what may happen if you neglect the need for air conditioner service.

1. Reduced Airflow

You should have your AC unit inspected if the air is not flowing freely throughout your home area. This issue may be caused by several factors, including clogged filters or blocked ducting; the ductwork may be obstructed by dirt and dust gathered in the vent.

A failing compressor can also cause limited airflow. Regular use of the device may result in wear and tear that lowers the compressor’s effectiveness.

2. No Cool Air

You may also need air conditioning maintenance if the air blowing out of the vents is not as cold as it once was. A broken compressor may not blow cold air even at its highest setting. Another sign that the refrigerant level is too low is that there is no cool air.

3. Leaking Refrigerant

It’s best to act immediately if your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. The refrigerant may be harmful to both humans and animals.

If water is dripping from your appliance, it may mean that your drain tube is clogged. While it is not as dangerous as a refrigerant leak, ignoring it could result in more serious issues.

Identifying air conditioning problems as soon as possible is critical to avoid more significant concerns.

3. Unpleasant Smells and Unusual Sounds

Your equipment needs air conditioning servicing if it starts making strange noises. If you hear a metal-like grinding noise, it could be an indicator of an entire system failure. To avoid further damage, you should immediately turn off the device. 

A burning odor from the air conditioner could result from burned insulation on wires. If the scent is musty, it may indicate that the ductwork in your home has developed a mold issue. In this case, you should consider contacting an expert to tackle the issue.

4. Temperature Increase

The air conditioner may have a dirty coil, damaged electrical components, a broken motor fan, or a refrigerant leak if the device’s temperature rises. You shouldn’t attempt to fix the appliance yourself. Instead, ask a professional to do it for you.

Get Expert Help From Raven Mechanical

As soon as you notice a problem with your unit,  it’s advisable to get enlist a professional air conditioner service company. By doing so, you can get your AC fixed before any damage worsens or it stops functioning entirely.

If you have routine maintenance, there are times when your air conditioners needs to be serviced before your subsequent scheduled maintenance.

Whatever your concerns are with your AC unit, Raven Mechanical is at your service. Raven Mechanical is a full-service mechanical contractor specializing in air conditioning services.

Here are what you can expect a technician to accomplish during AC service:

Get in touch with our team. For emergency assistance or after-hours service, please call 281-987-1618.

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