One of the first things to do when you buy a new air conditioner is to have it professionally tuned up so that it runs at peak efficiency and doesn’t break down due to neglect or wear and tear. But how often should you tune up your AC? The answer varies based on several factors, including how old your unit is, how well it’s been maintained, and how regularly you use it throughout the year. 

Below, we’ll discuss these factors, the types of maintenance you can implement on your own and when you should call professionals. 

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your AC 

To keep your AC unit running smoothly, it’s essential to do some basic maintenance. While you may wonder, “how often should you tune up your air conditioner?”, it always helps to have some tips on how to take care of your AC at home. 

#1 Get the air filter washed and cleaned

Air filters in ACs stop dirt and dust particles from coming into your room. These air filters need to be clean, or else they won’t work well, especially when the filter is too full of debris. 

#2 Get the coils cleaned

Air conditioning coils assist the refrigerant in removing heat from a room. Unfortunately, dust particles often stick to these coils, making them less effective at absorbing this heat. In this case, the air conditioner has to work much harder to keep the inside of the house cool – so make sure you keep these areas clean!

#3 Make sure that the Condenser Unit Fan is in optimal condition

The condenser unit fan is essential for the AC’s performance because it cools down the refrigerant gas. However, the AC no longer cools the room if it doesn’t work correctly. In a case where you hear an odd noise coming from your AC, there may be something wrong with your condenser unit fan. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with professional experts right away to have them check if there are heavy vibrations or cracks in any of its blades.

How often should you tune up your AC professionally?

To know how often you should get your AC serviced, it’s best to get help from HVAC experts. Even if you don’t suspect any problems with your air conditioner unit, heating and cooling experts will advise you to have it regularly inspected, serviced and cleaned once per year to ensure it operates at peak energy efficiency and is ready to cool your house during the months when you need it most.

So, how often should you tune up your air conditioner? It needs to be checked at least once a year. As your HVAC system runs, it accumulates dust and dirt in key areas that affect its efficiency – including the evaporator coil fins and dirty filter media. Left unchecked – these hazards can cause significant damage.

Warning Signs your AC Unit Needs Professional a Tune-up

Air conditioning problems are never convenient, but the effects are even worse during a hot summer day. It’s best to keep your AC up and running for the sake of your family’s comfort and health – which you can do with some regular maintenance. Avoid expensive repairs by recognizing these signs you need an AC repair:

#1 Air Conditioning System is Blowing Warm Air

For your AC unit to efficiently circulate cool air around your house, it needs to be working at its fullest capacity. If your AC unit stops blowing chilly air out and starts blowing warm air instead- there may be an issue with your AC system that needs fixing ASAP.

#2 AC Thermostat is Not Working

Your thermostat serves as the brain of your cooling system. It receives information from the AC and emits commands, telling it how much cool air to produce. It also measures readings to ensure that it’s functioning properly- when your AC turns on for short periods before shutting down entirely or won’t turn on at all, this could indicate that the thermostat isn’t properly regulating the temperature in your home. If you’re experiencing these issues, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician immediately as complex electrical components are involved.

#3 Little Air Blows Out of Vents

You may feel cool air when you turn your air conditioner on, but if it’s hardly circulating throughout the room, this is a sign of a problem with your AC. There are two main possible causes of this: a faulty or clogged condenser or clogged ducts. To ensure there isn’t a more significant issue at hand, it’s best to call in professionals for inspection – they’ll be able to determine what needs repairing immediately.

#4 Loud Noise Inside of the AC Unit

If you hear sounds like grinding, squealing or scraping coming from your AC while it’s turned on – there may be a problem with one of the belts inside the unit. An HVAC professional should be contacted immediately to prevent further damage to the other parts within the system.

#5 Strange Odors When AC Turned On

When an air conditioner emits a strange smell, that’s often a telltale sign of an issue. For example, a strong odor could indicate a burnt-out wire inside the unit, while another might point to mold growth elsewhere in the system or ventilation ducts. Since there are health risks involved, it’s best to call for professional assistance right away.

So, how often should you get your AC serviced? Speak to the HVAC experts!

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